Top Savings deals to check out this week

With personal budgets being pulled in all directions due to increasing fuel, food and energy costs, getting a decent return on your savings is one way to lessen the financial pain.

High Street Bank Easy Access accounts are paying a pittance – most at 0.02% or less so it’s in your interest (excuse the pun!) to find a better home for your cash.

Here are a few suggestions, all will deliver a much better return thank the big banks:

Easy Access – Coventry Building Society 0.65% (four withdrawals per annum)

Easy access – Shawbrook Bank 0.62% – Easy Access Account Issue 27 (no withdrawal restrictions)

1 Year Fixed Rate Bond – Investec Bank 1.33%

18 month Fixed Rate Bond – Charter Savings Bank 1.51%

2 Year Fixed Rate Bond – Gatehouse Bank Green Saver 1.60%

It’s quick and easy to move your savings balance, and there’s no reason to put up with rubbish rates, so why not put it on your to-do list this weekend?

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