PR Services

Research and Data Analysis

Are you looking for personal finance data (current or historical) or comparisons to help deliver a positive and credible message as part of your forthcoming communications?

It could simply be some rates-based number crunching and analysis or highlighting a specific product feature(s), to give you comms some extra depth and substance.

Maybe it’s letting the media know how your product stacks up against your peers or across the whole market – this could be based on the average interest rate, fees or other account features or measures.

Data orientated research is powerful and a proven way to deliver favourable media coverage.

I’ve worked in conjunction with some of the major providers in the PF space, including MBNA, Sainsbury’s Bank, Investec, M&S Bank, Caxton FX, Tesco Bank, Travelex and Santander.

The product areas I cover include:

Savings Accounts, ISAs, Current Accounts, Travel Money (including prepaid cards), Student Banking, Credit Cards, Personal Loans and much more.

Press Releases – Media assistance

If you need a knowledgeable and respected personal finance expert to help with a radio day or some independent research and/or comments to support your forthcoming media activity, please get in touch.

I can also help with drafting and distributing effective, data focussed press releases that stand out from the stream of ineffective surveys that journalists delete without a second glance.

New Product Launch?

If you’re working on a new product and want some input from someone who has worked with the personal finance media for more than 15 years, please get in touch – I’m always happy to comply with any NDA requirements.

With any of my services above, you’ll find me to be flexible, prompt and efficient and my pricing competitive, so if you’re considering commissioning some product research or expertise, please drop me a line with your requirements and I’ll get back to you often the same day to let you know if I can help.

Have a question?

Please drop me a line if you have any questions about working together