The Cheapest Credit Cards to use abroad

If you’re taking your trusty plastic with you when you jet off to sunnier climes in the next couple of months, make sure you understand what your card provider will charge you if you use your card outside the UK.

The following table shows the cost of using your card based on 5 x £150 (currency equivalent)  cash withdrawals and purchases totalling £1500 – a total holiday spend of £2250 (in foreign currency) on your card.


Credit cardNon sterling charge for credit card purchasesNon sterling charge for ATM credit card cash transactionsOverseas ATM withdrawal feeMinimum ATM withdrawal fee** Total cost
Halifax Clarity Credit Card0.00%0.00%0.00%£0.00£0.00
Metro Bank (Free in Europe only)0.00%0.00%0.00%£0.00£0.00
Saga (over 50's only)0.00%0.00%2.00%£2.00£15.00
Nationwide Building Society - Select (current a/a required)0.00%0.00%2.50%£3.00£18.75
Post Office0.00%0.00%2.50%£3.00£18.75
John Lewis Partnership Card2.75%3.75%2.50%£2.50£80.63
Sainsbury's Bank2.75%2.75%3.00%£3.00£84.38
Tesco Bank2.75%2.75%3.00%£3.00£84.38
The Co-operative Bank2.75%2.75%3.00%£3.00£84.38
Bank of Scotland2.95%2.95%3.00%£3.00£88.88
Clydesdale Bank2.95%2.95%3.00%£3.00£88.88
Lloyds Bank2.95%2.95%3.00%£3.00£88.88
Santander 1232.95%2.95%3.00%£3.00£88.88
Yorkshire Bank2.95%2.95%3.00%£3.00£88.88
First Direct Gold2.99%2.99%2.99%£3.00£89.71
M&S Bank2.99%2.99%2.99%£3.00£89.71
American Express2.99%2.99%3.00%£3.00£89.78
ASDA Credit Card2.99%2.99%3.00%£5.00£92.28
Virgin Money2.99%2.99%5.00%£5.00£104.78
AA Credit Card (MBNA)2.99%2.99%5.00%£5.00£104.78
Creation Cards2.99%2.99%5.00%£5.00£104.78
**Cost based on a family 2 week holiday with 5 x £150 (currency equivalent) cash withdrawals and 20 debit card purchases totalling £1500. Total holiday spend £2250. Figures correct as at 10.07.2014

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