Holiday Money

Six Smart Holiday Money Tips

Don’t get stung by paying in sterling when abroad

Never pay in pounds sterling if the option is offered when overseas – always pay in the local currency – if you pay in British pounds this allows the overseas retailer or ATM to use a local exchange rate which can prove way more expensive than the normal Visa or MasterCard exchange rates – this increasingly common scam is known as Dynamic Currency Conversion.

Avoid buying or selling currency at the airport

Never buy or sell your currency at the airport you’ll lose around an extra £10 for every £100 you spend – just don’t do it unless it’s an absolute emergency.

Don’t buy your currency from your high street bank

Don’t assume that your own bank will give you a preferential deal on buying currency either – there’s no reward for loyalty these days.

It’s usually cheapest to order your money online and get it posted to you – in many cases if you order at least the minimum sum (typically £500 or £750 worth) then there are no additional charges.

Leaving taking out your travel insurance until the last minute could prove costly

You’re excited about your upcoming travels, booking flights, confirming locations, and not surprisingly the last thing you’re probably thinking about is taking out insurance.

HOWEVER, by not arranging early, if you did need to cancel your trip before you go for some unforeseen reason you wouldn’t be covered. So be organised by arranging insurance at the same time you book your holiday or flights.

Book your car hire early to save money

If you’re hiring a car abroad, generally early booking is works out much cheaper. What can be £38 per day if booked months ahead can cost £60 per day just before you go and even more once you arrive on foreign soil, adding a big chunk to the cost of your holiday.

Be prepared in case you lose your payment cards or passport

Keep a note of the phone numbers for the lost or stolen section of your credit card and debit card providers – so you can report asap if needs be

Photocopy passport and travel docs – or take a picture and keep them on your phone in case you lose the originals

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