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Set aside some time to get your life admin in order

Sorting out your life admin isn’t ever going to get the pulses racing, hence why it’s so easy to put it off until another day. Though it may seem like you have a growing to-do list that you can’t face, once you get stuck in you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to get organised. A survey found that people living in the UK spend eight hours and 48 minutes a week doing personal admin, with a better quality of life and mental health named among the top benefits.

Between paying the bills, scheduling appointments, and answering emails, there is always plenty to do but it needs to be done if you want to keep on top of your responsibilities and have a more stress free lifestyle. That’s why we’ve put together this short guide to tackling your life admin so you can tick all the necessary boxes and get back to doing the more exciting things in life.

Here are a few tips on how you can get start to get your life admin in order:

Try to keep your Finances running smoothly

Paying the bills and staying on top of the rent are arguably some of the most important elements of life admin. Money can be a huge source of stress but there are some simple things you can put in place to reduce your anxiety.

Having payment notifications set up on your phone is a helpful way to keep an eye on your outgoings and expenditure. Also, having automated payments in place for your rent and bills means that you won’t fall behind on the money you owe. Not only can this careful money management help you reduce your unnecessary spening, it can also help boost your credit score by paying on time.

Set aside the time

Some parts of life admin are regular and routine, so you’ll find yourselves sorting bits out as you go along. Some tasks, however, are less straightforward and easier to put off, especially if you’ve got a hectic lifestyle, so designating some time to sit down and tackle them can be helpful.

Start by making a list of everything you need to get completed and prioritise them. Set aside some time when you’re free after work or at the weekend and go through each item in turn.

Depending on the size of your to-do list, you may need just a few minutes or as long as an entire evening to get things up straight – you don’t have to do it all in one go, in fact breaking the list down into manageable bite size chunks can help you stick at it.


Regardless of whether you hate it or love it, there is no getting away from the dreaded housework chores.

Whether it’s hoovering, dusting, ironing or emptying the dishwasher there are some chores that we dislike more than others. In fact, a survey found that cleaning the oven is the nation’s most despised household job.

If you set aside a regular slot each week to keep on top of those household chores it’s so much easier than letting things pile up.

Strangely enough it can be quite therapeutic and satisfying when you look around and everything is clean and tidy – it’s certainly easier to relax and put your feet up without worrying about that nagging pile of dishes.


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