Holiday Money

How Can You Save Money on Travel & Holidays?

The importance of taking holidays shouldn’t be underestimated. Holidays, whether in the UK or overseas, can give you something to look forward to, help you escape your routine, see the world, and recharge your batteries.

However, travel and vacations can also be expensive, which can either put people off completely or see them spend a large sum on a single trip. Here are a few tips for saving money on travel and holidays that could make a difference.

Use Comparison Sites

You should never book anything without comparing your options online. Shopping around can save you more than you may think, but it can take a lot of time to check individual travel websites. Fortunately, there are a range of handy comparison sites that allow you to compare deals on vacations, flights, and accommodation. By using the latest information on these websites to source the individual components of your trip, the savings will start to add up.

Travel Off-Peak

If you are able to do so, traveling off-peak can help you make significant savings (it may also be less crowded too). This can involve simply getting a train during off-peak hours or taking a holiday during off-peak periods (outside of school holidays). You should also be able to cut your costs by booking travel and holidays as far in advance as you are able.


Another way to save money is to opt for a staycation. This has become a major trend since the travel restrictions during the pandemic, with many people discovering the great beauty of the UK. A staycation can be a lot cheaper than an overseas holiday but you can still get the benefits of taking time off, escaping your routine, and exploring new areas. Many people have purchased a motorhome in recent years and with motorhome insurance cover  it gives them a worry free holiday home on wheels. These vehicles give you the freedom and flexibility to take staycations whenever you wish and will help you make significant long-term savings in the process.

Pack Light & Drop Extras

If you are flying, you should always try to pack light so that you can keep your luggage costs down. If you are flying with a partner, you might be able to take just one suitcase or even just take carry-on bags if it is a short trip. Additionally, you can make savings by choosing not to pay for optional extras like booking seats or on board meals on a short flight.

The costs of travel and holidays should not deter you from booking trips. Everyone needs to escape the stresses of everyday life and take some downtime to recharge their batteries.

The above should give you a few ideas for ways to make your travel budget go further and help you plan affordable and enjoyable vacations, whether this is a trip within the UK or further afield.

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