A beginners guide to online conveyancing

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, downsizing or moving to a larger property to accommodate your growing family, buying a home can be an exciting, but sometimes stressful process

Although issues like falling house prices and soaring mortgage rates are making homeownership a little more difficult to navigate, the process remains the same when it comes to buying a home.

To get your keys, you’ll need to get an offer accepted, arrange for a surveyor to inspect the property to make sure everything is as it seems and hire a conveyancer to deal with the legal issues surrounding owning a home.

Our guide below will focus on the latter and how it’s evolved in the digital world we live in today. Now you can do your conveyancing online but what does that mean and are there advantages or drawbacks to doing this?

If you’ve recently had an offer accepted, use a conveyancing calculator to find a professional to help with your purchase and read on below to see if you should consider going with an online conveyancer.

What is online conveyancing?

An online conveyancer will still follow the usual processes that an office based equivalent except many of the tasks will be carried out digitally. They’ll work away in the background to make sure you have all the documents and legal paperwork in place ready for the date of exchange.

Because this process happens online, you’ll typically be able to log in to the conveyancer’s online portal and see how your case is progressing in real time. We know how stressful this situation can be, so having access to this information can give you peace of mind.

What is the digital conveyancing process?

  1. Find your online conveyancer
  2. Send them any documents they may need
  3. Responds promptly to their questions and/or requests by email or phone.
  4. Let them know if any issues arise
  5. Wait for them to get all your documents in order
  6. Exchange contracts and you’ll be able to pick up your new keys to your new home.

What are the advantages of online conveyancing?

  • It can make the process quicker
  • It can be less expensive
  • Conveyancing experience can be easier and more convenient
  • It’s easy to follow the progress of your house-buying process
  • You won’t be restricted based on location

Are there any disadvantages to online conveyancing?

  • Lack of in-person collaboration, although this shouldn’t really be an issue if your online conveyancer is efficient and professional
  • Some elements such as contract documents will still require physical copies

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