90 Day Notice Accounts – a savings option worth considering as 3.55% rate from Investec tops the best buys

The savings market has sprung to life since the current cycle of ten successive base rate hikes started back in December 2021, and for the first time in a decade, consumers once again have a worthwhile range of savings options to choose from.

As always, much of the focus tends to be on the interest rates paid on easy access products or fixed rate bonds, but there is an often overlooked third option that’s worth considering.

If you are happy to give up a little flexibility on access, then you can earn a decent premium above the best easy access rates and still earn monthly interest if that’s what you desire.

The 90-day savings account from Investec with an increased  rate of 3.55%, now tops the best buy table (see below).

The best easy access savings rate is currently 3.06% and the best deal for a 1-year fix stands at 4.15%, so the pricing offers a decent ‘halfway house’ option for savers who don’t want to lose access to their cash for a full 12 months.

The ideal cash savings portfolio should contain a mix of products to give the level of access needed at the best overall rate, so a combination of easy access, notice savings and fixed rate bond(s) is a great mix by which to achieve this.

Before the first of ten base rate hikes started in December 2021 the best deal on 90-day notice savings paid a mere 0.95% but the new Investec best buy is some 2.60% higher and much more likely to draw attention to the notice savings market.

Best 90 Day Notice Savings

Provider Account Interest




Interest Payable
Investec 90 Day Notice Saver Issue1 3.55% £5,000 Monthly
Stafford Railway

Building Society

Notice 90 Account 3.40% £5,000 Yearly
Bank of London

And the Middle East (BLME)

90 Day Notice – Issue 5 3.24% £10,000 Quarterly


Notice savings 3.20% £1 Monthly
Research: 16.02.2023

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