The latest high rate savings accounts

It seems that every week savings rates edge up a little more, it’s become a bit of a job to keep up with the pace of change as competition remans rife.

With another base rate decision due next week (4th August) there’s probably more good news to come (unless you’re a borrower of course).

Savers have had to put up with rubbish interest rates for many years, but finally the tide has turned and meaningful interest income is now a reality.

Whether you want immediate access to your cash or are prepared to lock it away for a few months or even years, there are some good deals for everyone.

Here are some of the latest top deals (27th July 10.30am):

Easy Access savings:

Sainsbury’s Bank 1.55%

Shawbrook Bank 1.52%

Notice Savings Accounts:

Investec – 90 days notice – 2.10%

Shawbrook Bank – 120 days notice – 2.06%

Fixed Rate Bonds:

1 Year – Close Brothers Savings 2.75%

2 Years – Gatehouse Bank 3.10%

3 Years – Aldermore 3.15%

4 Years – Aldermore 3.20%

5 Years – United Trust Bank 3.35%

Deposits with the above providers are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the UK’s deposit protection scheme

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