The cost of using your credit card abroad

If you’re jetting off for a week or two to find some sunshine this year and thinking of taking your credit card with you, it’s worth checking the card charges before you travel.

Some cards don’t charge for purchases or ATM cash withdrawals when used overseas, whereas others can cost you as much as £7.99 for drawing £100 worth of currency from the local cash machine.

The table below shows the best credit cards to use abroad as well as those that are the most expensive – and best left at home.

Some people prefer to take a prepaid currency card as an alternative – these cards come with fees too but usually lower than most UK credit and debit cards – some of the more competitive prepaid cards include Revolut, FairFX and WeSwap

Credit CardCost of £100 purchase abroadCost of £100 ATM Cash Withdrawal abroadNotes
Halifax Clarity£0.00£0.00
Tandem£0.00£0.000.5% cashback on purchases home and abroad
Barclaycard Platinum Travel Card£0.00£0.00Free until 31.08.2022
Creation Everyday Card£0.00£0.00
Metro Bank (In Europe)£0.00£0.00Current Account required
Santander Zero£0.00£0.00
B Credit Card£0.00£3.00
Post Office Platinum£0.00£3.00
Santander All In One£0.00£3.00£3 monthly fee
Metro Bank (Outside Europe)£2.75£4.25Current Account required
Co-operative Bank£2.75£4.75
Virgin Money Travel Credit Card£0.00£5.00
John Lewis Partnership Card£2.75£5.25
NatWest Clear card£2.75£5.75
Sainsbury's Bank£2.75£5.75
Tesco Bank£2.75£5.75
Bank of Scotland£2.95£5.95
Clydesdale bank£2.95£5.95
Lloyds Bank£2.95£5.95
Yorkshire Bank£2.95£5.95
Santander Everyday Card£2.95£5.95
First Direct£2.99£5.99Current Account required
M&S Bank£2.99£5.99
American Express Everyday Platinum Cashback£2.99£5.99
Asda Money£2.99£7.99
Virgin Money£2.99£7.99
Creation Balance Transfer Card£2.99£7.99

Information from provider websites 23.04.2018

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