Competitor Research and Analysis

Are you looking for research data or comparisons to support the promotion of a new product or to highlight a feature or the competitiveness of your account/credit card/personal loan?

Maybe it’s showing how your product stacks up against the average interest rate, fees or features across the whole market that you need to establish, either as it stands today or over a period of months/years.

I can provide research based on personal finance product data stretching back at least six years and in some cases even longer, sourced from the databases of price comparison site Moneynet.

You’ll find my service to be prompt and efficient and my pricing very competitive, so if you’re considering commissioning some product research, please drop me a line with your requirements and I’ll get back to you ASAP to let you know if I can help.

The data areas I cover include the following:

Savings Accounts, ISAs, Current Accounts, Debit Card Charges overseas, Student Banking, Credit Cards, Personal Loans and much more. 

Client feedback - Phil Anderson, Executive Director, Citigate Dewe Rogerson
"We commission Andrew Hagger to conduct research for a number of our clients. He has an excellent understanding of the retail banking sector, and provides valuable feedback in helping us define our areas of research. He provides very comprehensive analysis and always delivers on time."